Now You Can Lease Space On A Satellite.

Historically, you raised funds to build the satellite you needed for your mission. Our Leasing model transforms this. You just pay a deposit and a monthly Lease. And we run your full mission. Now, all your capital can be used to accelerate your business, with more satellite capacity ready when you need it.

How Satellite Leasing Works.

You pay a deposit, and then a monthly Lease that starts when you go live on the satellite. Your monthly data and operations costs are added to the monthly Lease cost. When your Lease period ends, your payments end, with no further costs. Alternatively, you can just extend your Lease.

80% Cheaper Than Building Your Own Satellites.

Start-ups, large corporations and government agencies can now access satellites for 20% of the cost of building their own. Our funded and licensed constellation of 100+ satellites is coming online, starting in 2023. This gives you the capacity you need, when you need it.

Lease Costs Are Based On Your Usage. 

The cost of the lease depends on your payload size (ranging from 1U to 150KG), the number of payloads you need (from 1 to 150), your specific data and operations requirements and the length of your lease (minimum 3 months). With that information we can give you a clear, predictable and affordable leasing plan, including everything from onboarding to EOL operations.

You Can Now Grow Faster.

You don't have to build an internal team of specialists or source all the partners yourself. This is included in your Lease. You also get access to our global customer network, so you can find your customers before you even launch. Withn this, your team can now focus on your core skills and growing faster. 

Your Future Needs.

Our satellites are designed to accommodate Earth Observation, COMMs, Tech Demos, Science, OSAM and many other mission profiles. With <12mo manufacturing times, multi-KW power capabilities and the payload volume to handle up to 150kg of payload per satellite;

Book Now For Q4 2023, And Beyond.

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