ModiFi™ - The new way To Connect In space.

Today, Space infrastructure still relies on intricate and inflexible wired connections. Our novel protocol and platform offers a wireless alternative, specifically tailored for space. Apply now to test this innovation on your own Space venture.

Today's Space Infrastructure Is Still Connected By Wires

We’re using decades-old, wired spacecraft technologies, with a failure rate between 6-10% and no way to service or repurpose in-space. Wired components represent the bottleneck to rapid reusability, manufacturing, and long-term sustainability in space.
Slow to test and build
Every asset needs to be manually integrated
Expensive to operate
Every asset carries extra redundancy and costs
Impossible to repair
Every asset with wires inhibits servicing, assembly, and manufacturing in space

We’re taking spacecraft components wireless with ModiFi™

Our plug-and-play ModiFi™ routers and MOD™ interfaces offer a hassle-free solution to reduce cabling and wiring on your mission while providing you with the flexibility to MOD™ your chosen components and sensors without altering your current interfaces or design.
Operating System
he software ensures secure and reliable operations for the Modifi™ network
Control Router
The triple-redundant central network hub integrates with your OBC to provide on-the-fly network management
Interchangeable Parts
Wireless dongles, a.k.a. “MODs”, seamlessly integrate legacy wired components into the wireless network

Meet ModiFi™

A breakthrough in wireless infrastructure for space, solving the challenges of using a wireless sensor network for spacecraft avionics and sensors.
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Modifi™ security features state-of-the-art 128-bit AES encryption during handshake and authentication and novel 256-bit HMAC-SHA encryption for peer-to-peer communications.


Modifi™ has a unique proprietary hardware and software stack that enables reliable and secure autonomous communications while maintaining very low power usage.fres


Modifi™ security features state-of-the-art 128-bit AES encryption during handshake and authentication and novel 256-bit HMAC-SHA encryption for peer-to-peer communications.


Our wireless routers and MOD™ interfaces are compact, lightweight, and cost-effective, minimizing its impact on the spacecraft design while providing unhinged flexibility.

Wireless Applications

If you have avionics, components, sensors, or payloads - ModiFi™ works with your system.

Manufacturing/ Integration

Wireless Applications

Launch Vehicles & Infrastructure

Launch Vehicles & Infrastructure

Commercial Space Stations/Deep-Space Platforms

Spacecraft testing, integration, and simulation

Wireless Components, Sensors and Payloads

In-Space Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing

Habitats, Rovers and Infrastructure

Space Stations and Orbital Infrastructure

Constellations and SWARM Operations

Manufacturing, Testing and Integration

How ModiFi™ Will Help You

Improved Reliability

Wireless avionics systems eliminate the need for physical wiring, which can be prone to damage and failure. This enhances the overall reliability of the spacecraft.

Reduced Weight and Cost

Wireless avionics systems are often smaller and lighter than traditional wired systems. This can significantly reduce the weight and cost of the spacecraft, which is particularly important for launching payloads into space.

Increased Flexibility

Wireless avionics systems can be more flexible than wired systems, allowing for easier reconfiguration and upgrades.

Improved Autonomy

Wireless avionics systems can be designed to operate autonomously, reducing the need for human intervention and allowing for greater mission control and automation.

Enhanced Data Collection

Wireless avionics systems can collect and transmit data in real-time, providing more accurate and timely information to the spacecraft’s operators.

The next leap forward In space.

Designed For Today.

Modularity’s wireless products are plug & play to make modifying your current design easy.

Designed For Tomorrow.

ModiFi™ enables next generation architectures to be rapidly manufactured, assembled, and serviced in-space.

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