Booking Launch Dates From Q4 2023.

You can be in orbit, on one of our satellites, within 12 months. Our schedule starts in Q4 2023 and we've got five years of launch dates, as we expand our constellation.

When Do You Want To Be In Orbit?

All of our satellites have the same wide range of capabilities. Most applications will work on all of them. And this range of dates means you can be in orbit sooner, generating revenues earlier.

Launch Schedule

Launch Window


Q4 2023

From $2,500, with 20% deposit

Q1 2024

From $2,500, with 20% deposit

Q2 2024

From $2,500, with 20% deposit

Q3 2024

From $2,500, with 20% deposit

Q4 2024

From $2,500, with 20% deposit

Q1 2025

From $2,500, with 20% deposit

How Do You Get Started?

Click on the button below and schedule a time to talk. We'll walk you through the whole process and show you the exact pricing. From there, you just need to select a launch date, and we'll get you into orbit, with your data flowing.

Faster. And You Save In Many Other Ways.

You no longer have to build your own team of specialists or source all the partners yourself. Modularity includes this in the price, letting you specialize and focus on your core skills. By freeing up your Capex, you can now grow faster.

Book Now For Q4 2023, And Beyond.