Affordable Space Is Our Passion.

In 2016 we set out to solve the problem of space debris, by capturing, refuelling, and repairing satellites in space. But the sector was still stuck in an “Old Space” mentality – long timelines, massive duplication of effort, increased risks, and significantly greater costs.
That's the problem we solve. Today.
Nolan Coulter
I’d always had a passion for STEM outreach and making aerospace engineering relevant an accessible to everyone. We realized that space was prohibitively expensive and difficult so that only big governments and large corporations could get there. And, along the way, the last generation of space explorers had repeated the same errors we made on Earth around debris and waste. That’s what lead to our unique model built around reusable technologies that lower the price and the barriers to enter space.
Scott Weintraub
I’m passionate about creating a reusable space future for everyone to benefit from. The exploration of space stagnated for 40 years. Only now is it coming to life, with incredible innovation, truly opening up the opportunities of space. Modularity came about because we wanted to address the issue of space debris. Seeing that problem made us recognize the need for technologies that were reusable, serviceable and scalable. And we realized that we had the vision and the skills to make that happen.

The Story Behind Modularity.

In 2019, we morphed into Modularity Space, focused on introducing a new perspective to space, one built around mass-producing reusable space systems to accelerate innovation and create the foundation for the “New Space” future to built upon. Modularity Space is passionately focused on building the reusable space technology that will lay the foundation for the future of the space industry.
We were troubled by the growing issue of space debris. Initially, our plan revolved around an on-orbit servicing company that ended space debris by capturing, refuelling, and repairing satellites in space. That’s how our first business, Weintraus Inc came about. After several years of development, Nolan joined the team and we quickly discovered the aerospace industry was still stuck in an “Old Space” mentality. 

Want To Help?

We founded Modularity because we saw huge waste and inefficiency in the Space industry. But the initial problem we set out to solve was about Space Junk. This is still a real problem – and becoming even more relevant, as the opportunities of Space are grasped. That’s why we’ve set up the Clean Space Society. It’s a non-profit that will drive awareness around space debris. It will raise money to do cleanup missions and lobby on the transition to reusable spacecraft by 2030. You help by joining up today, for free.

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