How Do You Get Into Orbit?

Our Leasing model includes everything you need to get into orbit. Our team of flight-proven partners manages the whole process for you, from mission planning through to integration, launch, operation and end of life. 

1. Secure Your Launch Date.

We work to clearly understand your requirements, finalize the proposal, and set your launch date. Once your deposit is paid, our partners design the mission approach, arrange licenses, coordinate any transport, integrate with the satellite environment, perform the testing, and handle launch.

2. Your Mission Begins.

We launch with your technology onboard. Once it is in orbit you are operational, and the data starts flowing. Then we enable the distribution, and connect you to the right ground station network, as well as our community of customer looking for products like yours.

3. You Lease More Capacity.

Traditional missions cost up to 5x the upfront cost of Leasing with us. You can now allocate the same funds to have the use of up to 5x as many satellites, significantly scaling your business model.

Your Future?

Anyone Leasing with us will have 80% lower overheads and running costs than their competitors. So, why build your own satellites, when you can scale faster by Leasing ours?

Book Now For Q4 2023, And Beyond.