The Fastest Ride To Space In 2023.

Cost effective for any organization.
Today, we’ve got satellite technology that is reusable, serviceable, scalable and affordable. So you get into orbit more easily, at a better cost.
And you also help solve the problem of space debris.

Historically. Space Was Difficult.

Traditionally accessing space has required long planning periods, significant investment, real risks, and duplication of efforts. Even with this, most satellites carry massive redundancy and are used to only 5% of their capacity. That’s why space has only been accessible by large countries and big corporations.

Today. We're Making It Easier.

Our satellites are designed to accommodate any mission. With industry-leading manufacturing times and the payload volume to handle up to 25 customers per satellite, for start-ups, large corporations and government agencies.

You Book.
We Plan.
You Ride.

Our Technology Makes This Happen.


Easy to upgrade software
Easy to replace hardware
Longer lifetime usage
Greater lifetime value


Self configuring
Open standards
Easy to use
Leverages partners


Patent pending
Hot-swappable in space
COTS components
Standard interfaces

Next Launch: March 2023


Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Modularity lets you specialize and focus on your core skills. We’ll do the rest. That gets you there faster.

Multiple Lauch Dates

Our Specialist Skills


Full Mission Management

Always Refreshed Technology

Faster Satellite Access

Want To Get More From Space?

Are you already using satellites?
Are you looking to use satellites for the first time?
We make it easy for anyone to get their solutions onto satellites, with commercial packages that make sense for everyone from small start-ups to large corporations.

Start- Up Leaders

You are innovating in the space sector.
You want your payloads in space efficiently.
You want have your specialist skills.
You need a complementary partner.
And it has to be affordable.

Data Buyers

You want high-quality, real-time data.
You want faster, easier access to data to beat your competition.
You are tired of old ways of working.
You want to reduce the cost of data.


You are frustrated by traditional options.
Especially the high cost
of equipment and facilities.
You want to Increase production and efficiency.

Book Now For 2023

Unique, Affordable Pricing.

We are making it affordable for anyone to get into space. This means low upfront deposit, and a fixed monthly lease fee, based on the size of your payload and the length of your lease.
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